Interested In building a relationship with TABAL Chocolate & becoming a Vendor?

TABAL is a Mayan word for relationship. For us at Tabal, “relationship” is the most important foundation for why we make chocolate. When a customer comes into our store, first we always try to point to the photos of the farmers we are luck enough to work with. From the farmer to the customer we use chocolate as the connector. Crafting chocolate from cacao beans is our passion and we build relationship with others so that we may share the unique chocolate that we produce.

Our retail partners are vital to a healthy relationship between the farmers, Tabal Chocolate, and the people who eat our chocolate. We work closely with our retail partners providing information, education, creative options, marketing support, and customer service. We do not work with any distributors because we believe that close communication and support of our retail partners is the core of what how we conduct business.

Would you like to carry Tabal Chocolate Bars, Natural Cocoa butter, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Tea, Roasted Cocoa Nibs, Gift Sets and more in your store, gift shop, boutique, etc? Please submit our Wholesale Vendor Application Agreement.

Wholesale Bulk Vendor Application

Want to do both? Great; many vendors do! Please submit both applications.

Interested in in applying for Terms? Please submit our Credit Application, which can take up to two weeks for approval.

Wholesale Vendor Application

For: coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, confectioners, etc who want to purchase Tabal Chocolate Natural Cocoa Butter, Roasted Cocoa Nibs, or Chocolate in Bulk to use in your recipes? Please submit our Wholesale Bulk Application Agreement.

Wholesale Cacao NIBS for BEER Brewers & Bakers

Credit Application

Interested in in applying for Terms? Please submit our Credit Application, which may take up to two weeks for approval.

If your business international and you’re interested in becoming a wholesale or bulk customer or distributor?

Please email us at info@TabalChocolate.com.