Truffle Making - Brazilian Brigadiero

$50 Per Person

Location:   7515 Harwood Ave. Wauwatosa Village.

Time:   7-9pm  Please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled

Brigadeiro is the most famous sweet in Brazil. It is a handmade bite sized treat, which is similar to a chocolate fudge truffle. Brigadeiro are hand dipped candies known for their intense chocolate flavor and creamy texture.
In this 2 hour long class you will learn about brigadiero ingredients, how to make brigadeiro, and receive a hands on experience making your own brigadeiro tuffles. You will take home 6 truffles ($15 value) that you made.

Space is limited to 11 guests so be sure to book your class soon.
For more information contact Tabal at: or 414-585-9996
**Class will be rescheduled if there are less than 6 participants**




  • Hands on instruction and tasting of ingredients

  • History of the Brigadiero

  • You will make 6 of your own Brigadiero to take home and enjoy or share with friends and build relationship.


Friday May 10 (For Mothers Day!!)

Friday June 28

All Classes are from (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

Please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled.