Tabal Chocolate

Great chocolate. Greater relationships.

Tabal Chocolate produces the highest quality chocolate in small batches using only premium ingredients.  Operating out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our mission is simple:

"Help our customers enhance relationships through the sharing and enjoyment of high quality, socially responsible chocolate." 

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3 Bar World Sampler + gift wrap

This gift pack contains 3 bean to bar chocolate bars (3 oz. each).  Each bar uses full bodied cacao from a different country to give you a taste of the world.  70% Costa rica - sea salt, 70% Bolivia, and 70% Peru are included in our current pack.  Do a blind taste test and discover the uniqueness of each 70% dark chocolate.  We gift wrap the bars for you so you can give an amazingly unique gift. These bars are kosher/parve certified. 

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Tabal Chocolate T-Shirt (Peruvian Lama)

Tabal makes chocolate with Peruvian cacao beans so we thought it would be great to design a custom T-Shirt with a Peruvian Lama using Mayan styling.  This is a 100% cotton shirt.  T-Shirt is printed with the llama design on front and the circle logo on the back.

We use Bella brand t-shirt's for the women's style which is cut differently from the men's shirt. Women's shirts are running about a size small, so consider getting a size bigger than usual.  


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10 Bar World Sampler

Our updated 10 Bar World Sampler features some of our newest bars including our Peppermint Rooibos and Ka (2 ingredient) Nicaragua bar.  Also included are the classic favorites such as Costa Rica Sea Salt and Dominican Espresso Crunch. Custom box sets with your favorite flavors can be ordered by special request, prices may vary. For more information please contact us directly.

In this set (3 oz bars):

Peru 70%

Peru + Cherries

Peru + Chili

Bolivia 70%

Bolivia 58%

Costa Rica Sea Salt

Dominican 70%

Dominican Espresso Crunch

Ka Nicaragua 70%

Peppermint Rooibos made with Bolivia 70% cacao

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Rich Tea Bar Set (3 Bars - 3oz each)

This 3 bar set includes our bars made in collaboration with Rishi Teas. Each bar is organic certified and kosher/parve.


Peppermint Rooibos - made with 70% Bolivian cacao

Teahouse Matcha - made with 58% Bolivian cacao

Masala Chai - made with 70% Bolivian cacao

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