Bean to Bar Chocolate Making 201

Bean to Bar Chocolate Making 201


Location:   7515 Harwood Ave. Wauwatosa Village.

Time:   2-6pm  Please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled

Cost: $150

An in depth hands on experience in chocolate making lasting approximately 4 hours. We’ll taste and learn about the different types of chocolate and nibs, chocolate ingredients, and single origin chocolate. You will have a chance to see the magic of bean to bar chocolate making by doing the steps to make chocolate. Keep in mind that it takes a week for us to make a regular batch of chocolate, so we will be condensing that into 4 hours. Also covered is the processing that goes on before the cacao reaches Tabal. Finally we will go on a world tasting tour that explores the unique flavor profiles of single origin chocolate. Students will dive into our techniques for flavor development and production. Working in pairs, students will formulate a single-origin or blended dark chocolate. You’ll leave with a bag of nibs, as well as about a pound of finished, untempered chocolate that’s great for nibbling or baking. Space is limited to 6 guests so be sure to book your class soon. 

For Questions: Please contact Tabal at or 414-585-9996 .  Space is limited to the first 6 reservations.  

Class will be rescheduled if the minimum of 4 people is not met. 

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