We love CHOCOLATE but we also want to make the world a better place


We locate farmers in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and other countries, and establish long term relationships of trust and mutual support. Then we purchase their fine flavor cacao beans over the long term.

We show loyalty to the cacao farmers we work with and they grow amazing cacao beans. With a reliable source to market from Tabal they are able to invest in more cacao trees which improve the world ecosystem.

They make a sustainable living and you get to eat high quality and flavorful chocolate. We support women owned farms and training of new and experienced farmers.

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You get single origin and single estate chocolate, not blended chocolate with soy lecithin.

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Like a fine wine or coffee from small farms, our chocolate is made with heirloom quality cacao that speaks to the uniqueness of the soil, climate, and skill of the cacao farmers.


We want to be different, socially just, and fair to the cacao farmers. We support Direct Trade and Fair Trade principles. We insure the quality of our chocolate by monitoring and testing from farmer to chocolate bar.