At Tabal Chocolate our goal is to make the best chocolate you have ever tasted, and we believe that begins with selecting the best ingredients.  we only add fairly-traded ingredients to our chocolate which have been organically and sustainably produced. 

cosat rica cacao _DSC0023 (1).jpg

Theobroma Cacao trees growing in the wild 


Fresh Costa Rican  cacao pod 


Cacao seeds being separated from the cacao pods and prepared for fermentation  

Cacao beans fermenting for 5-7 days

Cacao beans drying in the fresh air

We source origin cacao beans from Costa Rica, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua

Ingredient 1:  Organic certified single origin Cacao beans ready to be roasted, cracked and winnowed

Ingredient 2:  Organic certified cane sugar


Ingredient 3:  Organic certified Vanilla bean

Ingredient 4:  Organic certified cocoa butter