Peru 70% + Chili Pepper

Peru 70% + Chili Pepper


ORIGIN: Tumbes region, Peru

This dark chocolate with natural berry and citrus flavors highlights the variety that exists in the natural flavor of cacao beans.  What you taste is simply the true taste of chocolate, and it's so good you'll have a hard time sharing. 

Ingredients: Organic Peruvian single source cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla bean, organic chili pepper.

Organically grown * Direct Trade

Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Soy Free * Vegan * 


Serving size: 1.5oz. Calories: 270. Fat: 18g (28%). Cholesterol: 0mg (0%). Carbs: 23g (8%). Fiber: 3g (13%). Sugar: 14g

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