Peru 70%

Peru 70%


ORIGIN:  San Martin Region, Peru

Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda (Norandino) is a cooperative active in the processing, commercialization and export of coffee, cocoa and panela. Norandino took over the activities of an earlier cooperative, CEPICAFE, on 1 January 2013.  Norandino operates in several departments across Peru. The organization brings together more than 7,000 families in the northern macro region of Peru, where Tumbes, Amazonas, San Martin regions are included, Cajamarca and Piura.

TASTING NOTES: This bar is a bit sweeter to compliment the deep citrus and cherry notes. We like to call this our bold red wine of chocolates due to it’s full bodied flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Organically and sustainably grown Peruvian single source cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla bean.

Organically grown * Direct Trade

Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Soy Free * Vegan * 


Serving size: 1.5oz. Calories: 270. Fat: 18g (28%). Cholesterol: 0mg (0%). Carbs: 23g (8%). Fiber: 3g (13%). Sugar: 14g

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