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Tabal Chocolate produces the highest quality chocolate in small batches using only premium ingredients.  Operating out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our mission is simple:

"Help our customers enhance relationships through the sharing and enjoyment of high quality, socially responsible chocolate." 

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Rishi Tea Bar- Masala Chai 70% (3 oz)


Rishi Tea Bar- Masala Chai 70% (3 oz)


In this bar you will taste the classic Bolivia 70% flavor with traditional Chai spices. A hint of spice with aromatic Guatemalan cardamom, hot and citrusy ginger, sweet cinnamon, and accents of cracked black pepper and fragrant cloves. This bar was made in collaboration with Rishi Teas.

Ingredients: Organic Bolivian Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla Bean, Organic Cacoa Butter, Organic Masala Chai

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 483, Total Fat: 31.5, Sugar: 18

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