Tabal Chocolate

Great chocolate. Greater relationships.

Tabal Chocolate produces the highest quality chocolate in small batches using only premium ingredients.  Operating out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our mission is simple:

"Help our customers enhance relationships through the sharing and enjoyment of high quality, socially responsible chocolate." 

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PHONE: (414)-585-9996


We can bring our chocolate to you! Let us send one of our chocolate makers to your team building event, celebration, or class for a private tasting or education class. We can serve groups from 10-150+ guests. These events usually last two hours, but can be altered to fit your needs. Contact us to start planning an agenda that fits your event!


We also host private classes at our store location. Our Chocolate 101 and Chocolate 201 is available to accommodate up to 10 guests. For more information about classes check out our Classes and Tours page. 


We’d love to entertain your next event at our Tosa Village location. You can rent our lounge, which seats 15+ guests, and has a view of our part of our production. This opportunity is ideal for celebrations, showers, or intimate parties. We can serve chocolate drinks and gelato or you can provide your own food or drink. Rental rates start at $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Package additions could also include a tutorial on chocolate making from bean to bar and private single origin chocolate tasting.


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